Kinky singles and couples meet for threesomes on app 3rder

Kinky people who want to have sex with more than two at the same time choose 3rder threesome dating app to reach their goal. Threesome always involves three people with two types: one is called FFM meaning two women and a man, and the other one is called FMM meaning one woman and two men. No matter which kind of threesome dating you like, 3rder offers you enough opportunities to meet different singles and couples for threesomes or swingers. Owing to a large database of members, there will be no limit to the number of times users can play quickmatch in a short time. Even though 3rder is a new dating app released its first version last year, it has updated and optimized for several times in order to provide its members with better service. Users on 3rder think highly of this threesome app.

Signing up your account
Like any other surge gay dating app you have used, you need to sign up your account before using 3rder. You can register your account with an email. After filling some basic information such as your birthday, your height, your hobby and correct password, your registration is completed. However, you are still advised to spend several minutes to write something about yourself and some requirements to your partners in your profile. Then you can choose a beautiful photo and upload it to be the head image of your profile. Also, you can update your information at any time you want.

Great features
The most practical feature of 3rder is called quickmatch. Although you don’t pay for this surge gay threesome app, you are allowed to play several rounds of quickmatch everyday. The system will recommend you some potential members who can meet your needs. If you like someone, you can swipe right and if you don’t like someone, you can swipe left. The members you liked will be listed in history part and you can check and send them messages asking for more information. Once you receive messages from others, you can reply back at once. Moment is a great feature provided by 3rder. Users can post anything appropriate here including their sexy photos and their threesome experiences, but nude pictures are absolutely forbidden here.

It is clear that 3rder is a great surge gay threesome dating app for people to start a threesome lifestyle or for casual threesomes. Once you join this app, you probably find there are so many like-minded people saying hi to you. If you are interested in threesomes for sexual adventures, 3rder is the best choice for you.